Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Made It Time!

Yay!!!! Monday Made It is here! I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her fun linky! I thought it was only on the second Monday now, but guess I was I get to share a little early!

My first MMI is a retirement gift for my long time teacher mentor and good friend that just retired today! He loves to cook and can and wins blue ribbons at the AZ state fair every year for his jellies, jams, and pickles! His dill pickles are the BOMB and being that dill pickles are one of my faves.....he keeps me coming from me, his favorite pickle lover, this was the perfect gift!

It's a case of canning jars with an apron on the top that reads...................

This is also perfect for him as he was pretty fed up with administration during his last few months! He really liked it alot! The apron was purchased from cafe press {here}

I'm hosting a baby shower in two weeks for my sister-n-law!!!! Her theme is sea animals. FUN FUN! I think I'm having more fun than her! So my next two MMI's are baby shower related...........and I'm not done yet! This one is a little "premature" as I wasn't expecting MMI until next week, but I love it so much I just had to show it! 

You're probably wondering what in the world it is and again, it is a little premature! It is the baby shower guest sign in! Inspired by this pin!

My son actually made the ENTIRE frame himself for me.....and took this nice photo for you to show the dowel rods he put in in order to allow it to stand!

I will cut the little onesis' from my Cameo and hang them with mini clothespins and I still need to write or paint "Guest Book" or "Guest Sign In" on the corner plaque. It's going to be so cute for the shower!

The shower invitations I made!!! I couldn't find the perfect paper or invite on Etsy, so I decided to try and make my own and I love how they turned out! Thinking maybe I should open my own Etsy shop!!! HaHa!

Rekenreks!!! Of course!

Lastly, the winter activities I created for my kiddos for their return from winter break!

Speaking of WINTER!!!! I'm giving away a pair of ear muffs.....but these aren't traditional ear muffs. These are Sound Defender Ear Muffs!!! If you have special needs students that are over stimulated with loud noises, or freak out over fire drills, you'll definitely want these ear muffs! I just got three pairs for my classroom and they're awesome! Enter below to win a pair!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now head over and link up your projects with Tara!!!

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  1. I love all your things you got done! I don't think my house could ever be stocked enough with pickles. I really love your invitation--it did turn out great.
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. What string did you use for the baby shower guestbook? Yarn? Also how did you attach it to the frame? Thanks!


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