Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review For Educents!

Did you know that Educents is looking for bloggers to do reviews? They are also now featuring creations from TpT sellers on their site as well!! I signed up to do a review and was contacted within two days to review 3 TpT products. And it just so happens that the products they asked me to review were from the wonderful and talented Mrs. Hoffer's Spot. What's more exciting....is one of the items was on my wishlist! Yay!  

Here are the 3 items they sent me to review! 

All of them AWESOME and perfect for my students. The number sorts are perfect for kinders still working on base ten number knowledge. The activities allow your students to see the number four different ways......using a ten frame, dice, base ten blocks, and the number word as representations. Students love to cut and paste, so that makes these activities very engaging for students. Each set also comes with cards that can be used as a matching center for additional practice. I am planning to print these on colored cardstock, laminate, and put in my math center. 

The letter sorts set is the same format. Students cut and paste the pictures that match the beginning sound for the consonants and the medial sound for the vowels. What I love too about this set is that a color set is also included. So you can have worksheets for your students and then use the colored set for a center to provide additional practice! 

Here are some of the activities in action in my classroom!

If you're a blogger and interested in doing a review for Educents, go {here} to complete the interest form. If you're a seller and are interested in having a product featured on Educents, go {here}. 

If you haven't visited Educents, I suggest you head over and check them out by clicking on any of the Educents links above. And don't forget to grab Mrs. Hoffer's letter and number sorts while you're at it! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I just hopped over to Educents and filled out the application. This seems like a lot of fun!
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