Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wondergrove Kids - Animated Learning Free Trial

Well I'm still having a blast with my BFF! Tomorrow we hit Vegas for two nights....woohoo.....then she flies out Sunday....boohoo! But I had to take a quick minute to share with you an awesome site I will be using next year and so that you have time to jump on their free 90-day trial before it expires on June 30th! 

Have you heard of "Wondergrove Kids?" It is absolutely awesome and I can't wait to begin using it next year to teach social skills, life skills, health, science, safety, nutrition, fitness, creative play, and academics in my classroom. That's right....Wondergrove Kids provides lesson plans and animated videos for all eight of these critical areas and it's all aligned to Common Core!! Lessons are designed for grades K-2. 

Each skill includes an enticing animated video and a lesson plan. I also love that each lesson includes a printable book, as well as extension activities you can choose from that include practice exercises, active learning lessons, a coloring page, and more. 

Here's a small snapshot of just some of the animated video lessons offered for teaching social skills. 

The lesson and videos are available in English and Spanish, or you can choose to use "symbolstix" and/or "signing savvy" for special needs students.

I am so excited about having this new curriculum for my special education students next year! Teaching life skills and social skills to my students will no longer be a challenge! Wondergrove kids is going to make it so easy for me and very engaging for them!

I know that you and your students will love it too! So check it out for yourself {here}

And they're offering a free 90-day trial right now!!! But hurry, this offer is about to expire!! Click below to register!
I'd love to hear what you think after you check it out!!!

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