Sunday, November 6, 2022

Writing Journals for Special Education!!

Did you grab this growing bundle when it was just $3.50? YES, just $3.50! If not, it's ONLY $7 right now because December was added yesterday. As each set is added, it will increase by $3.50. 

These monthly journal sets include 20 journal pages; one for each day of the month. They provide visual picture support and are perfect for beginning writers in mild to moderate self-contained classrooms and resource rooms. They follow the same predictable writing pattern each day which is perfect for our students. 

Students get practice with:
*Writing Conventions
*Ordering Words

Each set is themed for the month. Currently, only November and December are in the bundle. The remaining sets will be added over the next couple of months. Once complete the bundle will be valued at $42, so get it now!! 

Lock in the low bundle price now HERE and have your writing DONE for the year!

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