Thursday, October 26, 2023

Halloween Activities and Centers for Kids

If you're looking for some fun activities for Halloween, look no further! This candy pumpkin experiment is always a crowd pleaser and includes 3 levels of differentiated recording sheets. 

This Pumpkin Volcano Experiment is another fun one that will have your students oooohhhing and ahhhhing!

If you're working on numbers and counting, check these fun ones out!
Grab this counting freebie here.

Your students will love adding candy pumpkins to the pumpkin patch with this fun freebie.

Students can practice putting numbers in order with these fun number order strips. Grab them for free here.

These ghost dots make this activity super enticing and you can play 3 ways. Students can match, count, or practice ten frames with this one. Check it out here.

Spider Smash is another fun one and packs a punch! Students count, trace, smash, and color. Choose from 1-10 or 11-20. 

Just add some spiders and dice and you've got another highly engaging counting a fun counting booklet goes along with it. You can find this activity here.

You may not like candy corn, but your students will love using it to count jack-o-lantern teeth! This is a dollar deal you can find here.

Feed the Witch is another fun way to use your candy corn while practicing numbers and counting.

Feed the monster! Just grab some plastic eyeballs from Dollar Tree and write the numbers on the bottom and you'll have a center that kids will want to play again and again!

If your students are working on addition and subtraction, check these out!

Monster Mash for addition and subtraction to ten!

Spin and Add! Students spin the spinner to make and solve addition facts. 

Addition Puzzles are the big hit right now! Students match the sums to the addition sentences to reveal a fun Halloween themed picture! 

These are also available for subtraction here.

Check these out for your ELA centers!

Candy Corn Cover is a fun one for matching upper and lowercase letters!

Spider Smash! Another fun one for matching upper and lowercase letters or choose beginning sounds!

Grab this fun freebie if you're working on counting syllables!

Halloween CVC Mystery Words! Your students will have fun working on CVC words with this one.

Work on onsets and rimes with these fun word family ghosts! 

Batty Rhymes are a fun way to work on rhyming words!

Increase fluency with these candy corn Fluency Pyramids!

Feed the Frankenstein is a fun one if you're working on beginning sounds!

Your students will love feeding the bat with this fun hands on center! Another fun one for matching upper and lowercase letters!

The feed the monster for numbers was such a hit, I also now have one for matching upper and lowercase letters! 

Adapted books for the old lady series! Your students will love feeding the old lady while listening to the story!

You can also grab a StoryMat to go along with it to help students retell and sequence the story.

Add a fun STEM Challenge to your Halloween party with this fun eyeball stack challenge!

Build jack-o-lantern faces with playdoh and build fine motor with this fun activity! Includes 20 jack-o-lantern faces for students to build. 

Happy Halloween! Have fun!

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