Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monday Made Its....A Day Late!

Yay!!! First weekly MMI is back!!!
And just in time because I have been super busy and I'm not even out of school yet.....two more days!

This little guy kept me from getting this posted lastnight!

I made autograph books for my students. My school has a yearbook signing party on the last day of school and only one of my students purchased a yearbook. So the others won't feel left out with these. In the past I've used an autograph book printed from the computer. This year I decided I wanted to make up something cute that would be a little more special for them!

The camera is a die cut that we had in our teacher workroom. On the inside I used blank index cards and put 10 inside each booklet.

I personalized these tumblers for my 3 assistants. This is my first time cutting vinyl on my cameo. I couldn't find solid clear cups anywhere, so I had to go this route. I think they'll still like them. I plan to fill them with a variety of tea drink mix singles, as they are all (including me) tea lovers!  I also cut the scalloped label on my cameo, but have also made printable labels {here} you can grab for FREE if you would like to do this project. 

DVD covers for my end of year slideshow. 

My hubby and I put up this new wallpaper border in our bathroom this weekend! Love it!!

 I made this wreath for my 10-year old niece that has type 1 diabetes! Her mother saw the one I made for my door at Christmas and asked me if I could make a blue one for her in honor of diabetes. It only took me six months, but I finally got around to it! It will ship tomorrow. I really hope they like it!

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  2. Love all your great ideas this week. I especially LOVE the autograph books! I always feel bad about the signing party, too. This is a great solution! Definitely pinning this idea for next year!
    Thanks for posting

    3rd Grade Pad

  3. Love the autographic book. Very creative problem solving for a sensitive issue. Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms


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