Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday & NV Day Sale


Hi There! I'm linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 random things about my week! 

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It's Nevada's birthday all Nevada schools are closed today!! That's right.....NO SCHOOL for me on HALLOWEEN!

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I blogged about some of our Halloween fun {here} on Tuesday, but here's another activity and one of my favorites that we did yesterday!!

    This is the easiest caramel apple recipe ever, thanks to Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice. Easy      enough that even your little ones can do it. It's              quick, cheap, and also very delicious! 

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SAMS Club paid a visit to our school this week and brought every teacher a $50 gift card!!! Woohoo! How awesome is that?!

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To honor Nevada Day, I'm having a Sale!!!
Click on the heart to visit my store!!
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Now off to get ready for some trick or treaters!!! We usually get around 100!! If you pass out candy, how many do you get?

Also, if you missed Tuesday's post....keep scrolling down for a couple of fall freebies!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October & 2 Awesome Freebies in a Nutshell!

Things are finally settling down in The Bender Bunch classroom.................

OK well, maybe not for the students.........but for me!!!! ha! :)

Finally getting caught up with all the new responsibilities this year! New systems (Infinite campus), the new NV Educator Proficiency Framework (NEPF), new evaluations, goal-setting team leader of child find.....and the list seems to go on! But anyway, I'm finally feeling above water and have been dying to here's what we've been up to this month!

Bat Hats!
This cute craft is from Robin Sellers and can be purchased {here}. And yes I do have more students than this, but 3 are not pictured.

We also made these awesome bat books from Lita Lita, but didn't get pics of this!
You can get it {here}

Stockings for Soldiers!!!
A teacher at our school does this project every year and always invites my kiddos to participate! 

Fun Science!!!

Gotta LOVE that face!!!! :)

Pumpkin seeds!!

Pumpkin dip!!! So delicious & easy!

The pumpkin dip recipe is from my.....

The candy science experiments are from my.......

But if I'm lucky enough to have you reading this post, then you're lucky enough to get them for free! 


Freebie Fridays

Have a great night and I hope to be back soon with some fluency drills and money games I'm working on!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Have you heard of Class Messenger? I just started using it this year and I love it!! I just used it right before this blog post to remind all of my parents that tomorrow's picture day!! How often do you find reminders and notes still in the backpacks the next day; never even seen by the parents? Me.....quite often! But how many parents do you know that don't have a cell phone in their hand everytime you see them?? Not very many. Backpacks may not be checked as often as they should, but text messages seldom go neglected! 

Class Messenger is a private two-way message service and it's free! With Class Messenger you can send parents, families, and even students- reminders, messages, homework, surveys......and even pre-filled forms like volunteer requests, material requests, or conference requests in less than a minute right from your phone or computer. Class Messenger does not use your cell phone number; therefore it remains undisclosed and your parents receive your messages right from their phone in a text message. How awesome is that??  

Below is a short video about Class Messenger.

You can choose two ways to use class messenger. You can download their free app and send your message right from your phone.....or you can sign up online and send text messages right from your computer! 

Another thing I love about CM is there is no sign up required from the parents. I tried the "Remind" teacher app last year and because it required parents to sign up, I had a disappointing response. With CM they will immediately begin receiving your messages!

With Class Messenger your parents will never miss another notice or reminder from you again!! Or realize after you send them home for the day that you forgot to put that reminder in their backpacks.....and the event is tomorrow....yikes!!! No longer a problem with class messenger! 

Give it a try! I know you'll love it!