Friday, February 14, 2014

Gobstopppers Experiment & Valentine Fun!

I'm going to try and make this short as I have to be in Vegas in the morning for a training (Vegas is a 1 1/2 hour drive for me). It's staff development day, so no school for the students! But yay.....still a 3-day weekend with President's Day! So needless to say, we had to have our Valentine Exchange Party today! 

I'm pretty excited about my training though, as I am piloting and getting a free subscription to ULS (Unique Learning System) and FIVE classroom ipads!!! At the training I'll be learning how to best use ULS in my classroom! 

Our Valentine Exchange Party was a blast today! Here's a look!

Right before the party, was our Science block! We did this awesome Science experiment with Gobstoppers! 

We got so excited with the results that I forgot to take any further pictures! But you can kinda see from the picture what happens. The colors all disperse to the center of the plate and do not mix!! It's really cool. {Here} is a picture from Pinterest that shows the final result! The kids loved it! Then, they all got to eat a Gobstopper!

Then, we decorated our boxes for our Valentine's! I actually bought these over the summer from "Really Good Stuff" to use as pencil boxes for my students, and misplaced them! I did not find them until about a month ago! They were stuck down in my beginning of year seasonal bin....go figure! Where they should be!! :) So I thought since I no longer need them as pencil boxes, they would make great Valentine Exchange boxes. You will see their boxes throughout the pictures below.

We played a couple of "Minute to Win it" games!

The first being "How many candy hearts can you toss in a cup in 1 minute?"

Then, we played "Valentine Stack." Students had to stack as many Valentine candies as they could without them falling over. The student with the highest tower in a minute wins!

Then, our PARTY! 

Getting ready to head to the bus dressed as special Valentines for our parents! Get this cute idea and poem from "Crayons and Whimsy." These turned out adorable and got us many compliments on the way to the bus!

And to end the day...........
the most beautiful gift from one of my students made my day!


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  1. I am using the Elementary ULS this year since our district adopted it. They have so many great resources! It is tough to get everything done with so many days off for bad weather! I print the cover page for each unit, laminate it and tape it to one of the really big Hefty zipper bags so I can store all of my materials needed for that unit in it. My students have really enjoyed the science experiments and recipes!

  2. I love using ULS. In my previous district I used it all the time with my kiddos. I can't wait to hear what you've learned!


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