Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Plans Linky

Hi folks!!! Only 6 1/2 more days left! Well with students....that is! 7 1/2 days left 'til my summer break officially starts!! It's time to start thinking about summer plans, so what better way than to link up with Deanna Jump for her summer linky party!

Normally by now, my brain is already flourishing with ideas and things I want to do for next school year and projects for the summer....but that really hasn't been the case this year! Last summer, I really outdid myself! 

I painted my teacher chair I had always wanted.

I made my bench seats I had always wanted.

I created a whole new classroom theme that I plan to use again this year!

I implemented a new center rotation system at the beginning of the year that has worked soooooo well, that I don't plan to change it up one bit!

So, I see a pretty relaxing summer in my near future!

I'd like to revamp my "Ladybug Life Cycle Unit." It is one of my best sellers, but the very first insect unit I ever created and I know I can make it so much better now!

We had so much fun doing science experiments this year! Through lots of searching, I managed to pull off a science experiment with my kiddos nearly every single day this year!!!That's almost 180 science experiments that I'd love to compile into a teaching resource for others on TpT. It's going to be a BIG project, but I think I can pull it off!!

I'd love to create some engaging social/life skills lessons to do with my kiddos next year! It's so hard to find engaging activities for this block of time! I want to have more structure in this area. I really want to create some problem-solving picture cards too, if I can find the graphics to do this! We'll see!!

I'd like to organize how I will teach the unique curriculum next year! I just received this fabulous program in February and never really came up with the perfect system to implement it each day! I want to design a 20-day lesson plan that I can follow each month....that works for my students that use this program.

Non-school related!!!

I've been thinking about opening an Etsy shop for some time now! I think I may just do it this summer! My son has been my inspiration! I have made lots of baby shower items, wreaths, invitations, etched glasses, and personalized cups that he thinks I should sell on there. 

Yes, I want to cook!!! 
I want to actually make some of these recipes I have been pinning, but never make! This summer I plan to MAKE them, rather than just pin them! 

I want to spend some time on the beautiful Colorado River that is practically right outside my back door! I literally live 5 minutes from here....and don't get to enjoy it as much as I'd like!! I'm thinking maybe we will even rent some kayaks this summer!

I want to spend some time relaxing and hanging out at my girlfriend's pool! 

9 and 10..................

REPEAT 7 and 8!!!!!

You can link up your summer plans on Deanna's blog {here}

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