Thursday, July 28, 2016

SPED Interactive Notebooks are Here!!! {A Year-long Reading Curriculum}

Finally!!! An Interactive Notebook designed specifically for special education classrooms and just in time for BTS!!!! And, a year-long reading curriculum my friends, designed to build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension!!! Yes, a year-long, with 36 weeks of daily activities!

I'm so excited to finally launch this and be able to share it with you for the upcoming school year! This is a collaborative resource I've worked on for over a year with Susan from "School Bells N' Whistles." So it is a true "Labor of Love!"

Each Monday, students are introduced to 5 new vocabulary words and a new reading passage. Passages are low readability and seasonal. Here's a peek at Week 2, and how the program works.
Students read the passage every day for 5 days as research shows that repeated readings increase and build fluency! They can time themselves or one another (kids love using the timers) and try to beat their time each day. Kids also love this challenge. Each time they read the story, they can color in a book. They also get to make a "Pocket Full of Words" to make daily practicing fun and easy.

On Tuesday, students complete WH questions about their story.
On Wednesday, they get to make a fun flipbook that focuses on comprehension and targets main idea, setting, characters, details, and vocabulary.

Thursday is sentence writing. Students have the option of writing the correct words in the boxes or cutting and pasting the words. 
Friday is a quiz that can easily be used for a weekly grade. The quizzes give students practice with multiple choice, true/false, and short answer items, and also targets skills such as antonyms, synonyms, and rhyming words.
I've tried Interactive Notebooks in my class before, but the cutting was just too daunting for my students! I love that my students will be able to manage the cutting with this set, as the cutting is very minimal and requires only simple straight cuts!

I love the ending results of IN's, and being able to showcase their year-long work in one book. It also makes such a great keepsake and allows everything to remain organized and easy to refer back to for review. They're really nice to show at conferences too or even IEP meetings!

If you're not a fan of IN's, this set can easily be used without them too! You could simply staple each week together, or possibly even spiral bind them.

You can check it out here, and be sure to download the preview to get a free weekly sample to try out in your classroom! You'll get everything you see above!

It's also currently discounted, so snag it up while you can and have your reading lesson plans all planned out for you when you head back to school soon!!

I plan to use my "Spelling for a Year" along with this set as it compliments this set nicely and includes a weekly phonics sheet designed for IN's that you could easily incorporate!

What reading program are you currently using in your classroom??

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  1. This looks great! I was so excited to see a resource like this for our special kiddos that I bought it already! We use a direct instruction curriculum that is on our state adopted list. I plan to use these as one of the center rotations with my parapro. Thank you!


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