Saturday, October 22, 2016

Family Engagement Day Halloween Fun!!

Have some Halloween fun by hosting a Family Engagement Day! This year the special education teachers in my building have teamed up to host a Family Engagement Day every month! Family Engagement Day is where parents or other family members of our students can come from 9 am - 10 am on that day and engage in hands-on learning centers with their child. Each month will have a specific theme. There are 4 of us, the early childhood Pre-K teacher, our KIDS program teacher, our primary self-contained teacher, and me--the intermediate self-contained teacher. So each of us is responsible for creating a hands-on center. 

Our first Family Engagement Day was yesterday and it was a HUGE success! We were amazed at the amount of parent participation and engagement!

This is the center I put together. 

Younger students used counting mats or mini jack-o-lanterns to count candy pumpkins or candy corn and my intermediate students got to use candy to solve basic addition problems by placing the sum of each problem in the jack-o-lantern cups. 
These mats are free from "A Special Kind of Class," but I added the numbers myself. You can find them linked up on my SPEDtacular Sunday Freebies post on my blog from last week. 

  Our KIDS program teacher did Frankenstein handprints!
Our Pre-K teacher put together spaghetti spider webs.

She also brought some fun peel and stick foam skeletons for families to make!

Our primary self-contained teacher organized "Ghostly Bowling."

It was so much fun for everyone, and soooo much family engagement going on! It made my heart full seeing the parents so engaged with their kids!

We also played the Monster Mash song and danced! I'm already super excited for next month, which will be a Thanksgiving/Fall theme! I hope this inspires you to get your own Family Engagement Day going at your school!

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For more inspiration, check out my Halloween Pinterest board for more Halloween ideas!

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