Wednesday, December 19, 2018

High Interest Book Resources for Low Struggling Readers

So you have a 5th grade boy that loves Minecraft, Nascar, and Science, but he reads at a first grade level, so you have to provide him with a book at a first grade interest level. 

This is a big struggle for many special education teachers! How do we find high interest books for these struggling readers? Books that aren't babyish? Books that they love? Books that will keep them wanting to read? 

What you need are "Hi-Lo" books. Hi-Lo Books is a term used to describe high interest, low readability books. Hi-Lo Books will engage your readers by giving them the content they want, yet setting them up for reading success! Hi-Lo Books can be hard to locate, but here are some resources to get you started!

Saddleback Publishing is a good place to start! They offer engaging topics for our older students, but at a level they can be successful at. 

You can click for a free sample of each book to make sure it is appropriate for your students before you purchase!

High Noon Books is another great resource for Hi-Lo Books! You can search for just the right books for your struggling readers by reading level, interest level, and subject!
You can search by Hi-Lo Levels!
You can find books at an interest level appropriate for 8-12 year olds for example, but at a first grade reading level.

You can also take a peek inside and preview a sample chapter to make sure it is appropriate for your readers!
HIP Books is another great place to get Hi-Lo books for your students!
They offer interest level books for as high as 12th grade and as low as a 1st to 2nd grade reading level.

Choose the books that your students WANT TO READ!

Hip Books doesn't have a preview button right on their page, but you can click on "Read a google books preview" and then view a sample of the book to make sure it's just right for your readers.

You can also find a nice list of Hi-Lo Books here from Schools on Wheels.

Do you have some Hi-Lo resources you could share? Please share with us in the comments!!

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