Friday, October 21, 2022

Social Studies for Special Education

Social Studies Interactive Notebooks designed specifically for Special Education classrooms!

Social Studies has always been a difficult subject to integrate into my K-3 special education classroom because the topics are over their head, and quite frankly, the topics don't hold their interest. So finally, a Social Studies curriculum with topics and hands-on activities that not only interest them, but at a level that they can relate to. 

If you're having the same struggles, read on to see how this curriculum can work for your students. 

Students will have fun being a bucket filler, learning about maps and making a map of their own, learning fun facts about their state and the U.S. as well as traditions around the world. Almost every activity is cut and paste, with a dab of writing here and there, which can easily be modified.

There are a total of eight units covered. Here's a look at units 1 - 3. These are designed to be used as interactive notebooks in a composition book or spiral notebook. All cutting lines are straight, so easy for little hands, and all cutting and pasting tasks have visual guides.
In units 1 - 3, students will learn about good citizenship, their community, and get to create their own map. 

Units 4 and 5.

In units 4-5, students get to do a fun state study to learn all about the state they live in and learn about U.S. geography.

Units 6 and 7.

In units 6-7, students will learn about the past and the present and learn about popular traditions around the world.

Unit 8. Each unit begins with a "Vocabulary Globe" with cut-n-paste definitions. 

I've included a template for all 50 states for the Unit 4 State Study. In this unit, students will study their own state. You'll only use the state that you live in and disregard the others. However, you can certainly study other states too if you choose. 

Want to use these Social Studies Interactive Notebooks in your classroom? You can find them HERE.

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