Saturday, April 26, 2014

Five for Friday, Freebie, & A Giveaway You Don't Want to Miss!

I made it through my first week back from spring break! That is always a rough week as my kids are always so needy and starving for my attention! I am not kidding when I say I heard my name called, "Mrs. Bender," at least 55 times within the first hour on Monday! But while it can be hectic at one point, it is so loved! I love that my students missed me and are so happy to see me! It truly melts my heart!

My hubby and I had a super great time on our spring break! It was very relaxing! We stayed 3 days at Pirate Cove Resort in Park Moabi, California.

Our Cabin was VERY nice and right on the Colorado River!!!

I got to spend some time with this precious little guy! Meet my
2-month old nephew, Ben! He was born on my wedding anniversary! :)

My high functioning group tested out these 5 new prefix centers I made during my spring break! My students are truly my best editors! They always catch any mistakes I may have made! This set is not available in my store yet as I'm adding more to it, but will be available next week!

We found this little baby bird in my yard Wednesday night after a huge wind storm blew a nest out of one of our trees! We also found 5 cracked eggs. Poor little baby! Just broke my heart! He was so scared! He is gone now, so hopefully mommy came for him!

We did some really cute Earth Day activities this week that included making hats and lapbooks! I wish I could show them all, but there's always so much going on in my multi-leveled diverse classroom that it's hard to always take photos!

But I was able to capture our Earth Day cupcakes!!

The picture really doesn't do them justice!! They turned out spectacular!!! And tasted yummy too!

Freebie Fridays

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There's an amazing teacher appreciation giveaway going on over at "Tator Tots & Jello." $1,000 in Michael's gift cards!!! 
You can enter {here}

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  1. Your nephew is adorable! I'm a first time auntie too - my nephew was born last night! And I love the prefix center! I can't wait til you put it in your store :) My kiddos will love it!

    Munchkins Inc

  2. Found you through the linky! Your Earth Day cupcakes look so cute! I should really do more cooking in my classroom, you have inspired me!!

    Butterflying Through Teaching


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