Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Educational BUT FUN Christmas Activities

If you're looking for some fun Christmas activities that will keep your students or children engaged and learning throughout December, these activities will do just that! 

My new "Feed the" activities have been a huge crowd pleaser and spark high interest and engagement...especially for this time of the year when our students are getting a little squirrely! 

You can check out all of my new "Feed the" activities here

Rudolph Sight Words is a fun way to practice sight words and it's FREE HERE!

 Christmas Ten Frame Addition is another engaging activity and a fun way to practice addition, and comes in two levels! 

Playdoh is always fun! Download this fun counting freebie here. And if you need some fun last minute gift ideas, check out my gift tag bundle here! I've just added these new Playdoh tags to the bundle.

I hope you enjoy these resources, I know your students and children will! Have fun!! :)

Friday, December 2, 2022

Ugly Sweater Christmas Project

I've got a fun Christmas project for you that I'm super excited about! Decorate a Christmas Sweater is a fun family project to get your families involved during this holiday season! Plus, it keeps the mess and glitter at home...(inserts wink, lol)!

But seriously, this project is going to be a lot of fun and will make a nice bulletin board or door display once done. 

Children get to choose from 10 sweater templates. Print them on cardstock and send home with students. A note to the family with directions is included on each one along with material suggestions. 

Just add the date you'd like them to be returned and send home! It's going to be fun seeing all of the unique designs. 

Grab the sweater templates here. Tag "The Bender Bunch" on Instagram and Facebook so I can see all of your students' sweaters! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Thanksgiving Crowd Pleasers

Need some last minute Thanksgiving activities for next week? In my district, we are only off on Thursday and there's almost a week left in November after Thanksgiving, so you can keep doing those fun turkey activities! :)

The cute same or different turkey clip cards can be found HERE

These are perfect for young learners and non-writers. They can simply cut and paste things they are thankful for. It does also include a page for your writers too! 

Practice beginning sounds with these fun Thanksgiving themed picture cards

Feed the leaf and feed the turkey will definitely spark some interest and engagement and is a great way to practice counting. 

This or That is always a hit!!

Enjoy this freebie!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2022

It's All About Turkeys

Less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving, so it's the perfect time to break out a turkey unit. Children are intrigued with turkeys, so why not let them learn more! 

This Turkey Unit isn't just about the life cycle. Children will learn all about the parts of a turkey and fun and silly facts about turkeys. 

PLUS make two fun fold-outs!!

Get the "All About Turkeys" Unit HERE and check out my Instagram and Facebook page for lots of other fun turkey activities that have just been added!

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Writing Journals for Special Education!!

Did you grab this growing bundle when it was just $3.50? YES, just $3.50! If not, it's ONLY $7 right now because December was added yesterday. As each set is added, it will increase by $3.50. 

These monthly journal sets include 20 journal pages; one for each day of the month. They provide visual picture support and are perfect for beginning writers in mild to moderate self-contained classrooms and resource rooms. They follow the same predictable writing pattern each day which is perfect for our students. 

Students get practice with:
*Writing Conventions
*Ordering Words

Each set is themed for the month. Currently, only November and December are in the bundle. The remaining sets will be added over the next couple of months. Once complete the bundle will be valued at $42, so get it now!! 

Lock in the low bundle price now HERE and have your writing DONE for the year!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Social Studies for Special Education

Social Studies Interactive Notebooks designed specifically for Special Education classrooms!

Social Studies has always been a difficult subject to integrate into my K-3 special education classroom because the topics are over their head, and quite frankly, the topics don't hold their interest. So finally, a Social Studies curriculum with topics and hands-on activities that not only interest them, but at a level that they can relate to. 

If you're having the same struggles, read on to see how this curriculum can work for your students. 

Students will have fun being a bucket filler, learning about maps and making a map of their own, learning fun facts about their state and the U.S. as well as traditions around the world. Almost every activity is cut and paste, with a dab of writing here and there, which can easily be modified.

There are a total of eight units covered. Here's a look at units 1 - 3. These are designed to be used as interactive notebooks in a composition book or spiral notebook. All cutting lines are straight, so easy for little hands, and all cutting and pasting tasks have visual guides.
In units 1 - 3, students will learn about good citizenship, their community, and get to create their own map. 

Units 4 and 5.

In units 4-5, students get to do a fun state study to learn all about the state they live in and learn about U.S. geography.

Units 6 and 7.

In units 6-7, students will learn about the past and the present and learn about popular traditions around the world.

Unit 8. Each unit begins with a "Vocabulary Globe" with cut-n-paste definitions. 

I've included a template for all 50 states for the Unit 4 State Study. In this unit, students will study their own state. You'll only use the state that you live in and disregard the others. However, you can certainly study other states too if you choose. 

Want to use these Social Studies Interactive Notebooks in your classroom? You can find them HERE.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Halloween Overload!!!

We love reading "Aaaarrgghh! Spider!" every October and this book companion is always a BIG hit! Plus it makes the cutest door and bulletin board decoration. It's always fun to see what the students come up with! You can find this activity HERE

Just two weeks until Halloween and here are five fun reading and writing activities to do over the next couple of weeks. 

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat - These adapted books pair perfectly with this fun read aloud series. These are also available in a BUNDLE of ten books. 

StoryMats - Visuals for retelling and sequencing a story. My students retell percentage has drastically increased since starting StoryMats. There are four October read alouds in the set.

Halloween CVC Mystery Words - Grab these fun mystery word activities for your Halloween centers! Students have so much fun with these while practicing beginning sounds and blending and building CVC words at the same time!

Spiderweb Letters - Use these for letter identification and recognition practice. Includes A to Z. 

October Flip a Sentence - Kids love writing silly sentences with these flip a sentences. Even your reluctant writers will want in on the fun! 

Grab these activities for your pumpkin investigations! This observation one-pager is jam packed with activities for reading, writing, math, and science. And with everything on one page, less prep for you! Just print and go! There's also a blackline version. 

Lastly, FREE HALLOWEEN RECIPES to do with your students these next couple of weeks; all kid tested and kid approved! Make pumpkin dip, no bake mini pumpkin cream pies, edible spiderwebs, 2-ingredient muffins, and Halloween Pizza (not shown). Get the FREE recipes HERE.

Have a great week!

Friday, March 4, 2022

Raising Money Savvy Kids

Guest Post by Laura Pearson (

Raising Money Savvy Kids

Kids who grow up money-savvy tend to develop a healthy relationship with their finances as they get older. The sooner they learn the value of money and how to be creative with saving, the more they'll learn how to spend wisely. Teaching your kids entrepreneurial skills and getting them into a lifelong habit of investing a portion of their money will ensure they're financially astute. There are various ways to instill this healthy attitude toward money. 

Get Kids to Work for Their Allowance

Money is a good reward for effort, and working hard for money can make kids value every cent. If kids are given handouts, they might grow up expecting handouts. They don't need to graft hard for their allowance but should learn to trade extra chores for cash. Whether it's doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, or helping to unpack groceries, kids can establish a routine of working for money

Encourage Kids to Save Toward Something Big

Instead of giving kids their dream toy for their birthday, get them to save a portion of their allowance until they have enough to buy it. This way, they will look after their prized possession and realize the true value of the work that went into buying their toy. Saving for something, and then buying it with their own money will make kids feel independent. It also makes them look after things.

If it's an activity they're interested in doing, like jet boat tours to Lake Mohave, they can save separately for this fund. Sometimes it's good to create savings pockets for kids, where one pocket is for material items and the other for entertainment. 

Teach Them About Finances

When kids are old enough, discuss the value of money, and how credit cards, loans, and banks work. Hand them a bunch of coins, get them to count their money, and let them decide how much to spend or save by opening a bank account in their name. A key point of discussion should be about only spending what you have and living within your means. 

Teach Kids to Say No

There is a difference between being generous and careless. Kids shouldn't give their money away to friends and should be taught how to make sensible decisions about loaning money. Teaching kids to say no without feeling guilty or pressured into spending money is a valuable lesson. 

Help Kids Start Their Own Business

Business creativity and entrepreneurship should be encouraged. Help kids identify business opportunities by getting them to think outside the box. Get them to write down a list of things they love doing that others might not enjoy doing. This can start the process of how to think like an entrepreneur. 

Teach them that people pay for services and help with the things they don't enjoy doing. Some examples include washing cars, helping with electronics, and carrying things. Kids also need to understand that finances are needed to start a business and how they should go about raising capital. They can use their savings or get friends and family to invest. 

Raising Financially Literate Kids

A healthy relationship with money starts when you're young, and all boils down to understanding finances and having respect for money. The sooner these values are instilled in kids, the better chance they have at financial freedom and success.