Saturday, September 9, 2023

Math and Literacy Centers

Now that everyone is back to school and getting settled in, it's time to start those literacy and math centers. This post is jam packed with ideas and resources to get you started! You can find the "Counting Apple Seeds Activity" above here. 

Students LOVE these feeding activities! It's crazy how adding in just this one little component can increase engagement through the roof! This one is versatile and can be used for matching letters and/or beginning sounds. Find it here.

Students can't get enough of these two! They love feeding bananas to the monkey and peanuts to the elephant while practicing counting and 1:1 correspondence. 

They'll also love feeding gas to the car while practicing their sight words with this one that includes all of Fry's first 100 sight words. Or you may prefer this one that focuses on just the first 25 sight words. 

Students love catching fireflies with the magnetic net while practicing reading and writing sight words. Just add a paperclip to each card to make it magnetic. :)

Got to keep them motivated and engaged and these fun letter cookies do the trick every time! You might be saying, "Oh too much prep!" That's what I always think when I see circles...EEEK! But friends, that's why these circle cookies are all designed to be easily cut with a 2" circle punch. Wahlah! Work smarter, not harder!

Practice letter or sound matching with these mats you can find here

These school cuties are always fun and enticing for littles. And if you really like these check out the matching alphabet posters here.

You most likely already have your alphabet posters up, but you can print these four to a page and use them as flashcards in one of your literacy centers.

If you love all the things with googly eyes like me, you might also like these shape cuties.

The only thing I think students love more than the "FEED ME" activities are these "Pop It Smash Games." Students love anything with Playdoh so these are always a crowd pleaser. You can find all of the POP IT games here.

This SHAPE SMASH is also a fun one that uses playdoh. 

If your students are working on word building and CVC words, these word building mats make an excellent literacy center and all of the letters are stored right on the mat, so no letter tiles to pull out or keep track of. Here's a peek on the inside.

Gumball Mixup and Pencil Mixup are a couple more fun ones that put a fun twist on building CVC words. 

This is a fun one to transition your students from beginning sounds to building CVC words. You can find it here.

Before and After and Number Order are also center favorites. 

Grab this counting freebie here.

Students always perk up when there's Tic Tac Toe involved and these Tic Tac Toe games include 8 different literacy centers and phonics games.

These Doubles Posters are a must have in your math centers when you begin to introduce doubles.

Now for you...the teacher! One of the reasons we do centers is to give us a chance to work with students in small groups, 1:1, or to assess students. So these are for you!

You can get a closer inside look at the assessment binder here.

These phonics drills are quick and easy to administer and review each day. Students progress from reading sounds to words to reading the sounds and words in sentences. You can find both of these fluency drills here.

And no year is complete without "The Ultimate Teacher Word Choice" binder! This will be your best friend when customizing word lists or choosing the just right words and/or phrases when working with your students.