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Am I the only one out there that has not started school yet?? It seems so! Wednesday is our first "Official" day back, but we can get our keys tomorrow! However, since my husband is off on Mondays and Tuesdays and it will be our last days off together now that school is starting :(  I will probably enjoy my days with him and go back on Wednesday! Seeing everyone's classroom pictures is making me so excited to get in my room though, that if it didn't fall on his days off, I'd be there! Back to School Night is Friday, and I'm really worried that I'm not gonna get it all done in two days! In fact, I know I won' I can see myself there all day and night on both Wednesday and Thursday!!! So excited to put up and implement all my new things I made this summer thanks to the inspiration of all my bloggy friends and Pinterest!!!

AND.....I'm still making things!!! Here are two more things I made this week! Just when I think I'm done with all my room prep.....I see another brilliant idea and then I'm off to the store again!! 

This will be my STAR STUDENT center display! I don't have a dry erase marker here at home to show you, but on the white section of the bottom frame I will write the Star Student's name. There is quite a glare on this photo so I have posted another below. I got the frames at Dollar Tree, the ribbon at Walmart, and the rest is from my scrapbooking kit. You probably can't see it, but the ribbon and the scrapbooking paper has STARS on it!!! This will go in the center of my STAR WALL and other things will be around it!

I also did this for my "WORD of the DAY" but I need to get two more frames to complete it!

This is the "STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH" letter that will go home with the student. I teach Special Education and only have 8 students, so I will do my Star Student monthly, rather than weekly!! You can get a copy of this document for free here.

 I tried to share an editable copy so you could change my name to yours, but google docs kept distorting it and I couldn't figure it out! You can always just white out my name and sign yours!

This sheet will have a sheet attached that the parents will complete and return! You can get that sheet here! It is REALLY cute and can be used on your display wall, which I am planning to do! I would like to credit the blog that this sheet came from, but I cannot remember where I got it! I go myself a blog notebook now and am learning as a newer blogger to write everything down that I borrow!! If I can locate the author I will most definitely give credit where credit is due!!!

AND......for my next project! I made a nameplate for my desk out of scrabble tiles!!! TOO CUTE!! I Love It!!! This BRILLIANT idea came from Ms. Runde's Room and was featured on DIY Classroom! I got the scrabble tiles from ebay and the embellishments from JoAnn's Craft Store. 

Check Ms. Runde's out to see a different version that is super cute!! 

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