Saturday, February 2, 2013


I'm linking up today with Farley's monthly "Currently" at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.

Listening to Hard Core Pawn. Not that I like the show, but my husband left it on when he left for work. Little too much drama and arguing between the brother and sister for me. Eliminate that from the show and it might be ok.

Loving that I don't have to take my son into town now. He's into woodworking and made a toilet paper holder for his aunt that he wanted to ship out today. Luckily we called first and they closed at 1pm and now I get to stay in my jammies.

Thinking that I need to go to my classroom and work for a few hours, but have so much to do at home too. I usually put in 2-3 hours every weekend in my class to prep for my week and prepare my centers. When I don't, I feel so unorganized come Monday.

Wanting a Starbucks coffee!! I ran out of coffee creamer yesterday and forgot to pick some up so I didn't get my morning coffee today. I may just have to take off my jammies and go into town after all!

Needing to finish my interview questions. I am interviewing a new para for my classroom Tuesday and this is the first interview I have ever conducted. When I was hired in my classroom, the para's were already in place. Now that I have the opportunity to "pick & choose" I want to make sure I am covering all of the essential questions to help me choose the best candidate for my room and students. 

Pet Peeves, lack of communication. The para that I am replacing is transferring to the library to become a library aide. She did not even tell me! I had to hear it from another aide on campus and then later from the office manager after it was already finalized. HELLO.....shouldn't I have been the first to know?? I lost all respect for her!! So, that's my biggest pet peeve right now. I don't appreciate things being done behind my back! Just be honest & open with me.....I don't think that's tooooo much to ask! And this will certainly be included in my interview questions!!

***Update***.....after following Farley's rule of 3, I realize I have another pet peeve to add! Having to enter those silly codes in the comment box to prove I'm not a robot. Half the time you can't even make out the code. If I don't get the code right the first time, I don't bother leaving a comment. And the other one that gets me is....."your comment will be visible after approval".....seriously?? People, please take this off your blog. It is so annoying! Does anyone else agree???



  1. Hi Traci~ I found you through Farley's Currently.
    I'm a coffee drinker too.. although Starbucks is the one coffee I can't drink. I prefer Dunkin.
    That's really great that you can interview and choose your para. It is so helpful when you can be part of the decision making in your classroom. It makes for a smooth transition.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. I can tell you love coffee by the name of your blog! Love it! I've never tried Dunkin. We do not have one here! I know as a kid I always loved Dunkin Doughnuts.

  2. Good luck with your para interview, my paras were in place when I started this year and I didn't have to hire any... I'm grateful for such a great bunch of gals to work with. I hope you end up with someone great to work with too!

    Teaching In Oz

    1. Thanks Christy. It can be hard to find good help! You are lucky. My other para that has been with me since day one is absolutely fabulous. I could not imagine losing her. Now, if I can just get someone just as awesome for the other spot. I have met the girl I am interviewing and she seems like she will be a good candidate.


  3. I am so with you on the codes. They drive me crazy and are SO hard to read!

    Carolina Teacher

    1. I'm glad someone else agrees! Thanks for your comment Danielle.


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