Friday, May 17, 2013


May is National Pet Month and my class studied pets all week! 

Today we had Pet Week Show and Tell!!!

 We had dogs.........

 and rats.............

 horny tail lizards.......

 and even snakes!!!!

We even had Clifford and Blue pay a visit!

Those that didn't have pets brought their favorite stuffed pet to share!! 

Fun stuff!! 
This was the first time I did this, but it's definitely going to be a yearly event for sure!

Monday, we'll get to finally begin our 10-day countdown to summer. Yay!!

Get the countdown for free {here}

 I'm still working on my end of the year student gifts for this year, but this is what I gave my students last year!

I put all of these items in a clear party bag and tied this label to the outside! Here is the playdough recipe that went inside! 
The kids loved them!
You can grab both {here} for free! 

And my End of Year T-shirt came today!!!

It's pretty wrinkled cause it just came out of the package. 
Go {here} to get yours! It comes pretty fast! I ordered mine and got it in 5 days!!

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  1. Cute activity! I could never handle a snake in my classroom!
    :) dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  2. Great blog! And, what a cute Show and Tell activity. The kids really looked excited. I LOVE the snake picture.
    Thanks for sharing.
    That First Grade Blog

  3. I just had my hubbie take my picture of me in my last day of school shirt - but I got a gray one!

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  5. Having them take their pets out enjoying the class looks brilliant. I would even take my teacup pitbull out there as he would surely have had enjoyed there.

  6. As a result there are many pitbull kennels that specialise in the breeding of this kind of dog. Bully dog shirts


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