Thursday, May 23, 2013


If you haven't heard, Teacher's Notebook has organized a H-U-G-E relief effort fund for those in Moore, Oklahoma! As of this moment they have raised over $16,000 since Tuesday and this number is changing every minute. It was only a little over $14,000 a couple hours ago!! Join in on this fabulous cause by clicking on the picture above! For a donation of $20, $25, $50, or $100, you can access $1,900 worth of teacher created materials for your classrooms. If you have a Teacher's Notebook account, you can still donate an item from your store for this cause! 

Amazing to see so many generous teachers out there coming together and donating to this cause!! 

There's also a fun "summer bucket list" linky party going on being hosted by A Cupcake for the Teacher, Miss Kindergarten, and A Modern Teacher

I still have 7 1/2 days left with my kiddos, and am getting anxious! Since I teach 1-5 I will have all of my same kids next year, other than the two I'm losing to middle school, so it's not a sad day of saying goodbyes like many of you, but rather just a long vacation for all of us. 

But here's my summer bucket list. 

Catch up on sleep! I've been sitting up later and later every night, and it's catching up with me!

I've put on a few pounds this year, so I plan to get back on my wii fit at least 2-3 days a week! 

Do a little family camping in our little quaint camper we just bought last month! We still haven't gotten to use it yet, and are dying to go on an outing!

The Bulk of my summer...........Classroom projects, of course!!!

 I'm planning on implementing several new things in my classroom next year that I will be putting together this summer! 

I'm going to be doing M.A.T.H. stations next year.

M. Math Facts
A. At your seat
T. Teacher Time
H. Hands on

You can read more about M.A.T.H. stations at these two great blogs. Fun in 4B and  4th Grade Frolics!

Daily 5 and #5

I'm planning to implement an adapted version of Daily 5. I say adapted because although I will use the 5 components of Daily 5 and many of the procedures,  I will have to adapt it a great deal to accommodate my diverse group of special needs students. 

I plan to make IEP tubs! 

These are from Really Good Stuff. Not sure if these are exactly what I'll use, but I do have my eye on these! And they're CHEAP!! $3.20 each.

Each student will have their own, containing specific activities and data sheets for their IEP goals. 

I have finally decided to go with a bright pastel colored theme next year (like the tubs above), so I'll be shopping for background papers and frames that I have been adding to my TpT wishlist.

And then, I'll be making and creating my heart away! Planning to use these papers and frames to coordinate everything from my rules to behavior chart to my center and desk labels, to job charts and more!

And last.........Pinterest Projects here I come! Here are a couple  pinterest projects I'd like to do. 

Not this same design, but I want a painted chair!
The pvc pocket chart to the left from Sunny Days in Second Grade.
I would like to make this book bunting from 4th Grade Frolics
for my reading area if I can get enough book covers. I don't have that many hardbacks.
 Head over to any one of the 3 blogs hosting this party and link up your Summer Bucket List!



  1. OMG, I love those frames and borders you've found!!! So cute!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I hope you have a relaxing summer! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. That Author's Chair is beautiful! I will have to look into a project like that for myself this summer. Your blog design is's the exact same as mine! LOL!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Love those storage bins! I actually put up the same on my bucket list! I think mine is from another company though.

    I'm your newest follower, drop by. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  4. I've been collecting book covers for a book bunting too. Good luck with all your projects.

    room 4 imagination


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