Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Pins & Freebies

Here are some of my favorite pins this week!

Have you heard about Miss Nelson's awesome behavior beads???
Check 'em out {here}.
Can't wait to use this in my class this year!
Love this poster!

This teacher uses this shoe rack to hold student's water bottles! Great idea!

Use a shoe hanger to hold student water bottles!!

fun for my daughter's room! DIY washi tape decor!

One of my summer projects was to paint wooden Alphabet letters to hang in my room, but I have yet to find a complete set. They're always out of a few letters......and I don't want to chance not being able to get them all. But I think I like this idea better than painting them.
The Autism Tank: All About Me Book... Want to do these. So important for our kiddos to know if there ever were an emergency!
Love this phone number idea from "Autism Tank." My students already trace and/or write their address and phone number daily until it's mastered, but I love the idea of doing it this way rather than writing it. 


All of the best K-5 interactive websites all in one place!!!!

I was so thrilled to find this fabulous resource! This is going to be
such easy access for my students during technology time and eliminate me writing down sites for them and helping them type it in. You MUST check it  out!

From the Graphics Fairy

Thought this pin might come in handy for this linky party!

And what better pin to close with, other than..........
This pin was pinned as an image, so it has no source. I don't think you can use the pin above this one to locate the original source when it's an image. I'll try and let ya know.

And what's a FRIDAY without a Freebie, right?

Money Posters
A version with touchpoints is also included for those of you
that use "Touch Money."

Download them {here}

Giveaway also on my FB page at:

Have a great evening! My hubby and I are going to a Beetlemania Dinner Show! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, my kiddos LOVED that silly money song :) Cute! Thanks for sharing!!

    The Sweetest Thing
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  2. I found some Washi Tape at Target the other day but wasn't sure what I would do with it. I like the idea you shared. I just stopped by to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out the details on my blog!
    Enchanting Elementary


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