Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas, January Math, & Winter Freebies

Wow, I can't believe all the people I see already taking down their lights and tree! I used to be that way, but I think as my kids get older and become closer to moving out (16 & 19) I seem to subconsciously want to keep it up even longer now! I think another reason is that it came so fast this year that it's hard to believe it's already over! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a fun New Year's Eve or Day planned! My husband works on New Year's Eve and Day, so we won't be doing much!  He had Christmas Day and Eve off, so I am very gracious for that! However, on New Years we will continue our traditions which are to make our black eye peas and ham hocks (although I'm the only southern girl in the house that actually eats them), watch the New Year's TV shows and the ball drop in NY, drink champagne (maybe with some OJ....have gotten to really like those Mimosas, ya know), and sing "Auld Lang Syne," blow horns, and shoot confetti at the strike of 12! I don't even care to go out on New Year's! Spending it at home with family is such a joy & tradition....and fighting the New Year's crowds.....NO THANK YOU! I'm a homebody!!!!

So back to Christmas.....what were your favorite gifts? Here are mine! 

I just love my new chevron iphone case....and my's new too....99 cents with my AT&T upgrade! Love a deal! And absolutely loving little miss "Siri!" She's awesome!  

 My New "Thirty-One" monogrammed bag that's been on my wishlist forever!! Such a nice bag! 
Just love this notebook from my teacher colleague!!! I'm obssessed with the "Live, Laugh, Love" theme. It's all over the place! 

I also got a frying pan with a LID.....yay! Don't have a photo of that because it's dirty, but it was much needed! 

The last day of Christmas break also ended the journey for my student teacher and we all pitched in and got her a "31" monogrammed bag too, filled with TONS of supplies!

Boy would I have loved to get this as a gift when I was student teaching!!! She loved it....of course! 

I also want to share my new "JANUARY MATH" packet with you for those looking for K-1 January themed activities! I just finalized and posted it to TpT tonight for $3.75

This is only a snapshot of some of the pages included, 35 pages total! 

You can access the packet {here}.

I'm giving you these 2 pages of the packet as a sampler for free {here}. And if you missed last week's freebie.....

You can get my free Thank You Note Cards {here}!

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  1. I love the student teacher gift. I have a student teacher starting in two weeks...I will have to start stocking up!
    Thanks for the freebies and Happy New Year!


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