Monday, December 30, 2013

Poster Maker vs. Poster Maker

Besides having a blast working on my sister-n-laws baby shower, I've been researching poster makers today! Our school just had a fundraiser before break and several of the teachers would like to use the money to purchase a poster maker to make common core materials and materials from the Engage NY site. Since I'm the fundraiser coordinator, I get to do some shopping!!! Well it seems everywhere I look, you have to contact a sales rep in your area. Aarrggh! Darn it...I don't want to contact you, just gimme a price! 

I was wondering if any of you have a poster maker at your school, and if so, what kind and what do you think about it? How about the up it expensive to maintain each year? Here are the only two I've been able to find.

This is the VariQuest. It seems to be the most popular and the most high tech! It comes with software loaded with templates or you can enlarge your own images. It is ink and toner free....apparently the ink is in the paper itself. This is cool, but it looks like the paper ranges from $100 - $189 per roll, with the largest roll making up to 30- 23"x32" posters. Although it can print up to 36" wide posters. I really like this one!

Here's a video showing what this amazing little machine will do.

This is the other one I found....the Polar Studio Express, but this one uses ink, so ink cartridges would have to be purchased year after year. It appears that this one only prints up to 24" wide posters. I couldn't find out too much more info on this one. When I try to pull up reviews on this one, all I get is reviews on the Polar Express Movie.....haha!

PLEASE PLEASE share if you have any information regarding either of these! I have messaged both companies requesting a quote!

I also had a pretty good response yesterday on my thoughts of doing a behavior management Q's and A's type weekly series. I'm still running thoughts through my head, but basically teachers would submit specific questions about a behavior dilemma with a student or even in their class and I would showcase the question and provide tips, strategies, and resources to assist the teacher. Or another thought is to use the questions I receive in general to direct a specific and general behavior post each week.

What would you like to see? Do you have suggestions? Are you having issues with a particular student or other behaviors in your class that you could use assistance with? 

Answer one of these questions in the Rafflecopter below for an instant entry in my giveaway!!!!

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Now, off to soak my black eye peas for tomorrow! After, I link up with "Simply Kinder" for her great TEACHING BLOG ROUND UP linky party! Be sure to head over, link up, find some new blogs, and show some love to some new bloggers!!!

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  1. The second poster maker looks like the one we have at school. I don't know anything about the cost of upkeep, but I have used it and it's very easy. I like it! Good luck :)

  2. Happy New Year and thanks for running this giveaway. I think you should pick from the questions you receive and give specific tips and strategies.

  3. I feel you should blog about the behavior needs for the students. I think you would find an interest for many teachers that just need a tweak for a challenging student. Thanks so much for your wisdom and creativity I am a new follower.


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