Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do Any Worksheet on the ipad With "NOTABILITY"

Do you use ipads in your classroom? Even if you have just 1-2 classroom ipads, I am going to show you an incredible app that will allow you to upload and edit any pdf document, activity or worksheet on the ipad. With this app, you can not only save paper and time copying, but you will increase student engagement by allowing your students to complete their worksheets on the ipad. If you're into increasing student engagement through technology, you will definitely want to read on!

This app is "Notability." And it is only $2.99. So the first thing you will need to do is get the app. 

Tip: If you're having trouble viewing the small print, hold down your ctrl button on your keyboard and press the + button until it is enlarged to your viewing preference.

I am so excited about this app! 
My students are much more engaged and are wanting to complete worksheet after worksheet. They are actually begging me for more....IMAGINE THAT! 

 photo 262537ca-e39d-4585-9d7c-a9633c31f18e_zps73236c33.jpg


  1. VERY HELPFUL info! Thanks so much!

  2. So does each student need this App downloaded on to their iPADs as well? I have a 1:1 classroom this year and have been wanting to use this App.

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