Tuesday, May 27, 2014

EOY Ideas!

We'll I finally went out this weekend and purchased the rest of the supplies needed for my end of the year parties! This year to celebrate the end of the year, I've decided to throw my kiddos a party every day for the last 5 days of school! 

Can you guess what some of our parties will be?? My kiddos don't even know either! They know we are having a party the last five days and they'd better be on their best behavior......bribery heehee{just kidding}......but that's all they know!!!

Each day I will choose a student to open a secret envelope that will reveal that day's party!!!
I did this to not only create suspense for them and make it more exciting.....but for another reason! Call me stubborn if you will, but do you have students that have excessive absences, but make sure they come on the days there are fun activities!?? Drives me crazy! 

I have this one student in particular that has missed over 50 days of school this year....but you can bet he's there on field day and when we take a field trip!! He heard me mention that one day we may go to the park for an end of the year picnic and to play in the park's fun water fountains! He keeps asking what day it will be so he can make sure he is at school that day!! RIGHT?! Today he tried to leave 30 minutes after arriving and once finding out there was no party today!! He claimed his sunburn was too itchy! Really?? So call me stubborn if you must, but this little kiddo is going to have to sweat this one out and come to school every day if he doesn't want to miss this one!! One way or another, I will get this child to school!

So here's our secret reveal lineup for our 5-day countdown.....

And we are going to make it the old fashioned way with REAL popcorn kernels in a pot! Bet none of my kiddos have done that!


We'll also have a seed spitting contest!!!!
The students will make their own PBJ sandwich and pack their own sack lunch with goodies provided by me! What else makes this so awesome is that our park has this awesome play fountain that the kids just love!!!!

Our park is right beside our school and accessible by trail!

Wednesday....LAST DAY!
This is a 1/2 day!! After yearbook signing, we will view our end of the year slideshow, make mini english muffin pizzas, and while those cook....I will present our class awards! I will also be surprising my 3 transitioning middle school students with a surprise farewell cake after we enjoy our pizza creations!!

I just love the awards I'm presenting from "Teacher's Clubhouse." I also used these last year and the kids loved them!!
So fun!
Each award is presented with a matching trinket from Dollar Tree, which also serves as an end of year gift as well!
This is just a snapshot of 1/2 of my class awards! The set includes 30 different awards to choose from! I'll be using only 13 of them!

I'm also working on some fabulous gifts for my 3 assistant's and my DVD cover for my end of year slideshow that each student will take home! Stay tuned for a post on these ideas in the next couple of days!!!

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  1. Looks like a fun end to your year! I love the secret party idea!


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