Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October & 2 Awesome Freebies in a Nutshell!

Things are finally settling down in The Bender Bunch classroom.................

OK well, maybe not for the students.........but for me!!!! ha! :)

Finally getting caught up with all the new responsibilities this year! New systems (Infinite campus), the new NV Educator Proficiency Framework (NEPF), new evaluations, goal-setting conferences....new team leader of child find.....and the list seems to go on! But anyway, I'm finally feeling above water and have been dying to blog....so here's what we've been up to this month!

Bat Hats!
This cute craft is from Robin Sellers and can be purchased {here}. And yes I do have more students than this, but 3 are not pictured.

We also made these awesome bat books from Lita Lita, but didn't get pics of this!
You can get it {here}

Stockings for Soldiers!!!
A teacher at our school does this project every year and always invites my kiddos to participate! 

Fun Science!!!

Gotta LOVE that face!!!! :)

Pumpkin seeds!!

Pumpkin dip!!! So delicious & easy!

The pumpkin dip recipe is from my.....

The candy science experiments are from my.......

But if I'm lucky enough to have you reading this post, then you're lucky enough to get them for free! 


Freebie Fridays

Have a great night and I hope to be back soon with some fluency drills and money games I'm working on!

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