Friday, February 27, 2015

"Read Across America" Dr. Seuss Camera App

Crazy Cute!! Have you seen this app? With "Read Across America" and our district's celebration of "Nevada Reading Week" all coming on Monday, I couldn't have discovered this app at a better time!

  Isn't this super cute? 
Create fun Dr. Seuss photos with your students next week! There are about 15 different designs to choose from and you can even change the background color and add a frame!! 

The app is super easy to use! You can drag and adjust your image to fit perfectly. Then, email the photos to yourself and print! 

The app only works on the iPhone, not the iPad, and is $1.99, but well worth it!  

Click on the app icon to be taken to it in the itunes store.

I'm excited to send these home next week with each student as a keepsake for "Read Across America 2015."

My school kicked off reading week today with a pep rally assembly and all the teachers dressed as superheroes!! Here's my outfit!

Here's my girls being all silly today and one of my students holding my red cape up behind me! While I hate this picture of me (long day, last hour, bad hair day, belly-LOL), I just love all of their goofiness! They got such a kick outta my outfit and called me Super Woman all day!!! Such a fun day! :)

What do you have planned for Read Across America next week??

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