Monday, May 25, 2015

Simple After School Teacher Bridal Shower

While you may think this is not teaching actually is! I gave a bridal shower to a teacher colleague at school last week....AT that's teacher related, right!!? Even as teachers, we have to do things like this to support one another even away from school. I live in a rural community, that is also a tourist attraction, so most of the people that live here are not from here and have no family here! We have to stick together and be family for one another! 

So anyway, the shower turned out so awesome that I wanted to share it with other teachers to inspire them to support their teacher friends and offer some tips on how to pull off the easiest shower at school ever! 

Three of us hosted the shower. We only met once to discuss the shower throughout the planning. I emailed both parties with what supplies and responsibilities needed to be handled...each one responded volunteering for what they would be responsible for. Teacher #1 handled all the decor, plates, cups, napkins, and agreed to provide one game and game prize. Teacher #2 did one game and game prize plus the dessert display and drink, and Teacher #3 (that be me) did one game, game prize, finger foods, and party favors. 

We had 30 minutes to throw it all together after putting our students on the bus that day and it couldn't have worked out more perfectly! We all showed up with what we signed up for and wahlah.....

Our cupcake's supposed to look like a wedding dress!! Not bad for our first!

 We took up a group collection and purchased everything from the Bride's registry at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Their gift wrap is beautiful!  

 Kissing Booth Game
Guess how many kisses are in the jar! Winner takes home kisses. Easy game and no need to purchase a prize!

 Candy Bar Matching Game
This was such a fun game for everyone! And again, no need to purchase a prize because the guests win the candy bars in the basket.
 Guests choose a slip of paper with a saying on it from the right of the list above and try to guess which candy bar it is. Super hit! 

We also played "Guess the Hunk" that Teacher #1 brought, but I totally forgot to take photos of that one. 

Bride's Bucket List

Each guest was given a rock and had to write something on it for the Bride's Bucket List. The bride then read them out loud at the end of the shower! It was fun!

Food Display....simple, but nice! We had a fruit and veggie tray, tortilla chips with 2 dips, cheeseball with crackers, and the cupcakes. 

To the left (not pictured) were the plates, cups, napkins, and fruit water dispenser. 

I also did mini "Sutter Home" wine bottles as a party favor wrapped in tulle and hate that I didn't get a photo of those. 

Here is the "kissing booth" and "bride's bucket list" label if you'd like to use it for a soon to be bride at your school! 


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