Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Countdown with Food Groups

I'm ending the school year with a food group unit, which fits in perfectly since we are doing lots of cooking and eating from my "Cook to Learn" during these last few days of school (13 days left to be exact)......and it will hopefully help my students eat healthier during summer break!   

I finished my food group unit just in time for these last few days and I'm excited to share it with you to use with your students! 

There are a variety of printables with simple cut-n-paste activities to help students learn the 5 food groups; including combination foods. 

A mini-reader, "The Five Food Groups"
A Food Journal 
for students to easily color in and track their meals each day for a week. 

FOUR hands-on and engaging centers!!

You can get it {here}.

And to add in a little can use this icecream 10-day summer countdown! Get it free {here}

Hope your last few weeks are great!!

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