Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ziggedy! Earn Easy Cash For Your Class When You Shop!

Ziggedy wants to give you cash...why not take it!!! I was so excited to discover Ziggedy a couple of weeks ago, so I want to make sure all of you are taking advantage of it!!

Ziggedy is absolutely free and every time you, your family members, friends, or your students' parents shop at one of their thousand plus participating retailers, they'll give your class money! Participating shops include all of your favorites, including some of my favorites below. And with Christmas just around the corner, if you're like me, you'll be doing a lot of online shopping soon! So why not earn some cash for your classroom!

Best Buy
Sam's Club
Home Depot

Check out their video!

To get started you, your family members, friends, or your students' parents sign up with this super simple form!
Parent letters to send home and a sign up link for you to share with friends and family is provided on Ziggedy's website. If you have a blog, you can also install their widget on your side bar>>>>>> >>>>>check mine out!

Here's how it works.

 Supporters download the "Ziggegy Reminder" after signing up.

This is the way I have been using it, and the most convenient. But, there are two additional ways supporters can shop too without downloading the reminder...and because I have found that the reminder does not pop up with some of my favorite retailers. 

Here are the other two ways shoppers can use Ziggedy.

You can also compare prices at other retailers.

You can always see what's in your piggedy bank, as well as view detailed transaction history. Ziggedy sends your classroom earnings check out quarterly; in January, April, July, and October.

With one simple click and less than a minute to sign up, look at the money you could be earning for your classroom! 

Even if you don't get a response from your parents, friends, and family...and you shop online...then earn money for your classroom for your own shopping!!! 

{hint} It's time to start Christmas shopping! {hint}

Good luck with Ziggedy! I hope Ziggedy will help you earn funds for your classroom! 
Click here to get started!

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Ziggedy and was not asked or reimbursed by Ziggedy to write this content. 

Thanks a Bunch,

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