Tuesday, March 22, 2016

5 Easter Freebies!!!

Easter is just a few days away!!! I don't get to do much Easter in my classroom because we are always on Spring Break the week before! But if you're in school all week, I have several Easter freebies in my store that you're students will love!! 
Students solve these rhymes by reading the riddle on each egg!

Students make new words to rhyme.
Use this open-ended recording sheet for your students to record all of their plastic egg activities! 

Place different objects in plastic eggs and see if they sink or float. 

Students just learning to count objects can practice their counting skills by counting jellybeans and matching them to the correct number. 

These are all FREE! Click on each picture to download each freebie! 

My students also love building sentences with my Scrambled Sentences resources! Here is the Easter Edition my students just did!

Each set includes 4, 5, and 6 word sentences for easy differentiation! The cards are also color and pattern coded for easy organization. 

Click here for a closer look! 

Sending bunches of Easter wishes your way, 

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