Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Get Free Stuff for your Classroom!!

That's right!! All of this was absolutely FREE! Even shipping is FREE! All you pay is handling fees, which literally amounts to hardly nothing! 

Usually if it sounds to good to be true, it is, right?! But not with Naeir! Naeir is all about giving back to the community and empowering generosity! And they LOVE helping teachers!

Checked out my shipment that arrived today! :)

 I got $293 worth of classroom supplies for just $28 today!
 There is a minimum order of $25 and what I am about to show you costed me just that, $28.00!
 I got 10 of these little awesome squishy guys, and their eyes even pop out!!! My kiddos will go crazy over these!
 30 Memorex CDs!
 Papermate Pens galore! And FLAIR pens!
 Command hooks, and we know how pricey these can be! These come in so handy in my classroom!
 These were just too neat to resist! Write on tacks! I'm sure I'll find a use for them! And not only were they just a couple bucks for handling, you don't just get a pack, you get a whole box! That's how most of the items are sold on Naeir, in quantities!
 Days of the week page dividers! Now what teacher can't use these to get organized!!?
 Post it note highlighters! If you're a sped teacher, you know how handy these can be!!
 LABELS! I can never have too many of these! And with 840 in a pack, I'll be stocked for a while!
 And did someone say sticky note queen?? Just look at all of these sticky notes and sticky tabs!!!

Now how can you turn down a deal this good!! I mean all of this for $28 bucks! Right now they are offering free teacher memberships here. So hurry, I don't know how long this will last! They will verify that you are a licensed teacher currently in a classroom before approving your membership. Once they have verified you, you will get an email and you can begin shopping! So get started! You'd be crazy not to take advantage! Start now by browsing their educational supply catalog here to see all of the great deals you could be getting for your classroom! 

Bunches of shopping ahead,


  1. You're so lucky that you were accepted! They denied my application because I am a special education teacher and don't have a "regular classroom." I was absolutely floored!!!


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