Monday, November 21, 2016

Behavior Goal Wall, IT WORKS!

I love using a Behavior Goal Wall in my classroom! It is so effective for reinforcing positive behaviors each day and reminding students of what they need to work on and holds them accountable. This is the third year I have used a Behavior Goal Wall and it has become a non-negotiable in my classroom! 

It is also a great visual and reminder for your aides to keep everyone on the same page and a great reminder for me of the goals and behaviors I am reinforcing each day!

For my student that is non-verbal, I am able to place his goals on his iPad in Proloquo 2 Go, so that he can also state his daily goals. 

Each day during our Morning Meeting, my students state their behavioral goals. I call on each student individually and say, "What are your goals _______?" They state their goals and we have a brief discussion on how they are doing.

Here are two specific examples currently being used in my classroom!

 Goals may be anything that the child needs to work on. Here are some examples of goals that have been used in my classroom:
Stay in my space.
Sit properly.
Keep lids on markers.
Keep chair legs on floor.
Work independently.
Use my words.
Try harder.
Share with others.
Get right to work.
Take responsibility for my actions.
Follow my schedule. 
I even encourage them to set goals for me, but they rarely have any. LOL! I must be doing good! HaHa! I tell them that even I, have goals that I need to work on in my life. And that everyone always has areas that they can improve in. 

This has been an effective tool in my classroom the last 3 years! It seems super simple, and is, but the difference it makes is amazing! I love how it not only holds students accountable for their own behaviors, but also provides a visual for them, my aides, and myself! 

Try it in your classroom! It doesn't take much to implement this! You can simply write your students' goals on a sheet of paper and hang them on the wall! But if you want something a little more colorful like my display, you can take a look at my editable Class Goals Display below!

Holding your students accountable and having them set goals for themselves is so important! What are some ways that your students participate in goal setting and their own learning?


  1. I love this idea! I will have to start doing this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I can't wait to start this when we come back after Christmas break! I think I will model by reading a couple of my goals for the day. It can be used in a typical classroom as well. I would have class goals that the students would read every morning.


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