Sunday, April 2, 2017

Autism Acceptance Celebration!

It's Autism Awareness Day! Typically, every Sunday I host a freebie link up here on my blog called what you might know as "SPEDtacular Sunday Freebies." However, today we are all linking up our freebies over at Autism Classroom Resources to honor Autism Acceptance Month. There are tons of freebies waiting for you. Click here to access them!

A bunch of us have also marked an Autism related resource 50% off today too! Get my Disability Awareness Day kit for 1/2 price here and see just how easy it is to host this event at your school!

Then search the hashtag #AcceptAutism on Teachers Pay Teachers to find all of the other sales.

Don't forget to sport your blue today and light it up blue tonight to honor those living with Autism and to encourage acceptance.

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