Friday, February 9, 2018

Schoola! Turn Clothing Into $$$ For Your School

Have you heard of Schoola!!? I recently learned about this organization and am so excited about it! I only wish I had known about them when my kids were younger and I had lots of kid clothing hand-me-downs. turns quality and gently used clothing into money for schools! 

1. Donate your children's used clothing, using Schoola's pre-paid shipping label.
2. Schoola sells it.
3. Your school gets 40% of the proceeds!

Don't work at a school or have a need for a fundraiser? You can still donate your clothing and choose a school or cause that will benefit. 

Better yet! Anyone can shop at Schoola! Get designer, gently used clothing for up to 70% off...and every time you shop, schools earn money!! And it could be your school! How awesome is that!

See how it works!

What else I love about this for a fundraiser, is you don't have to worry about kids going door to door knocking on stranger's doors to sale. This always worries me. Not only that, there's no organizing, order forms, or money transactions! 
Families bring in clothes! 
Schools earn money!
Simple as that!

Check out Schoola for yourself here!

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