Monday, May 13, 2019

A Fun Summer Countdown for STAFF

The last ten days of school, I always do a fun "Mystery Balloon Summer Countdown" with my students. So when thinking up gifts for my teaching staff, I thought, why not do a fun 10-day summer countdown for them too?

So I did! I surprised them with a gift every day for the last ten days of school! 

Here are the ten gifts, all less than $2 each (most less than $1), so you can do a 10-day summer countdown with your staff too!

Every day during the last ten days of school, you will give your staff one of the gifts. Here are some suggestions of how I presented the gifts each day to my staff.

Day 1 - Xtra Gum

Day 2 - Lifesavers

Day 3 - Rolos

Day 4 - Tea

Day 5 - Donuts

Day 6 - Mints

Day 7 - Clips of some sort. I found these at Walmart.

Day 8 - 100 Grand Candybar

Day 9 - Candles

Day 10 (Last Day of School) - Lotion

My aides really loved having a surprise waiting for them each day and it costed me just around $10 for each aide. Grab the labels for FREE here and do a fun summer countdown with your staff!

Even if you're not doing an end of year summer countdown, SAVE these gift tags for later! They're  perfect for individual gift giving too any time of the year!

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Happy Summer Countdown! Hang in there...the end is near!

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