Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Win a Tablift Tablet Stand!

Wow! What a year it has been already! Although I've continued to be very active on Instagram and Facebook, my blog has been a little silent! Well maybe more than a little! :)
Well today, I'm bringing you not only a blog post, but also a giveaway! 

Tablift recently asked me to try out their standing tablet stand with my students! 

Well of course I had to try it out for myself first! I spend a lot of time on my iPad and while I don't  take it to bed with me, I do love stretching out with it on my sofa, so I was definitely excited to try it out. 
I love that it allowed me to be hands free! I'm typically doing school related stuff on mine, or browsing Pinterest :) so the Tablift allows me to be able jot down those classroom ideas or recipes without having to lay my iPad down each time or put my legs up to hold it. 
The legs are very flexible allowing you to put it in any position, and keeps the iPad stable even on uneven surfaces such as my sofa. These flexible legs also allow you to make it as high or as low as you'd like and make it super easy to store!
The iPad attaches easily and very securely with a stretchy band and the Tablift has 3 positions. You can position it straight up and down for sitting in a reclining position, slanted forward for laying flat in bed, or slanted back if using it in a sitting positon. It will also hold your iPad in the portrait position too. Oh, and it's also compatible with Kindles and other tablets as well. 

One downfall I found was that I had to remove my iPad case to use it. My iPad would not fit in the slots with the case on it. Other than that, it's been  very useful and I like that I can be completely hands free while working on lesson plans and other stuff. 

Once it was teacher approved, I took it to school and tried it out with my students. Again, I did have to take off my iPad cases, which made me a little nervous at school, but with how secure and tight the band holds the iPad in, and with how sturdy the legs are, I really had nothing to worry about. In fact, the classroom iPad on the Tablift has been actually safer, because some of my students have been known to slam down the iPads very roughly on their tables and toss them around inappropriately. With the Tablift they can't do that. 

Two other bonuses I have found using it in my classroom are that it greatly improves student posture. My students aren't slouched down and over looking down at their tables, or placing the iPad too close to their eyes. Instead, they have to sit in an upright position in their seat with the iPad positioned at an appropriate distance.

The second bonus is that my students seemed to perform better on reading tasks. Since they are in an upright position and not hovering over the iPad, they have been able to visually track their reading much better. They don't seem to need to refocus as often or lose their place. 

I also have a student that likes to stand. The Tablift adjustable legs allow you to position the iPad high enough to accommodate the standing position. 

The Tablift did not work well on student desks unless they were standing, because in order to keep the flexible legs on a standard student desk, the iPad had to be positioned high. But it works perfectly on not only tables, but also for students that want to sit on the floor to use the iPad. 

Overall, I really love the Tablift. I just wish I had  more of them! :) I'm taking the one I have home every night for me to use and at school I can only use it with one iPad. I wish I had one for every iPad, because I love that when students are using it, they're not slouching and laying across the table, they're not misusing the iPad, and they are visually tracking their reading much better. 

Would your students or even you benefit from a Tablift? If so, you can easily purchase a Tablift here. The Tablift retails for $39.95. BUT, Tablift also gave me two to give away! :) Want to win one? Just enter the Rafflecopter below and two winners will be notified on Sunday. Good Luck!

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