Friday, June 9, 2023

Fun Summer Activities & Printables

Whether you're teaching ESY, summer school, summer camp, or just want to keep your children engaged over the are my summer favorites your kids will love!!

Summer's always a fun time to make up some new recipes and these visual recipes have some fun summer favorites.

Find set one and set two here!

Cook to Learn is also jam packed with lots of fun summer recipes!

Children can do some star gazing and learn about the constellations while also learning about their zodiac sign and birthstone. This Zodiac Unit is always a hit for summer programs!

Science Teasers! Science experiments are fun any time, but especially in the summer! 

Find the Science Teasers here...Tootsie Pop Science and Bubble Snakes Science

AND you can still toss in some reading, writing, and math with these highly engaging and hands on activities.
Feed the Shark for Beginning Sounds

Bubble Pop for Letter Recognition and/or Beginning Sounds

Writing Journals themed for June

Keep their skills sharp with these quick Daily Sprints!

Calculator Math is always a fun one!!!

And Menu Math is always a crowd pleaser!!!

There you have it!! Some kids aren't happy about attending summer school, but you can keep it fun for them with these engaging summer activities...and the cooking activities and science experiments are always very popular for summer camps!

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