Friday, July 28, 2023

Back to School Resources - Day 2 Classroom Management

Welcome to my BACK TO SCHOOL resource series! Through August 1st, I'll be sharing some of my hottest and newest resources with you for back to school in six different categories! 

Day 2 - Classroom Management 

Non-verbal Hand Signals - Minimize classroom disruptions with these simple non-verbal hand signals.

Or you may even like these classroom management hand-held signs.

Teach your students what a "good listener" looks like with these classroom visuals.

Teach classroom expectations in ALL school settings with this set of social stories.

Grab this FREE checklist to help you with teaching back to school procedures and routines.

Manage how students go home with this easy to manage resource here.

Manage your classroom jobs with these real photo job cards.

You may also like these editable name job cards.

Add a flip calendar as part of your student jobs and have a student flip it each day.

You can find all of these flip calendars HERE.

Add these visual cue cards to your daily routine and end the repeat of "What do I do next?" or "What are we supposed to be doing?" 

Get your lesson plans organized with my easy to use editable template designed for special education classrooms with multiple levels. The preview has a complete copy of my lesson plans for you to look at as an example. 

And no year is complete without a teacher planner!

And if you like to celebrate National Holidays in your classroom, download this freebie to add to your planner!
Many of my classroom management tools fall into the "parents" category which is on the line up for tomorrow. So come back tomorrow for more classroom management tools that will help you communicate effectively with parents.

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