Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Back to School Resources - Day 6 SEL and Social Skills

It's the last day of my back to school blog series! If you missed any of the days, you can always go back and check them out! 

Day 6 - SEL and Social Skills

Social Skills for a Year! Finding social skills curriculum as you know, is very difficult which is why I created this social skills curriculum for my students! Lessons for every week of the school year at a level that's easy for students to relate to.

Our Goals is a great way for your students to set goals for themselves and display them in your classroom!

Teach children about good character and how to make good choices with these Character Trait Discussion Cards!

Display a positive affirmation in your classroom each week with these light box inserts!

These coping strategy cards are excellent for any calming area. 

Students in the calming area also enjoy coloring these mandalas with our Positive Affirmations Coloring Book!

Help students make good choices with these social emotional learning activities!

Set the tone for a positive mindset with these "Positive or Negative" task cards!

Catch students making good choices with these positive take home notes!

This is an effective tool for your most challenging students! Cool Points Chart!

Cool or not cool? Another effective tool for your challenging students.

That wraps up the 6-day "Back to School" blog series. Go back and check out any of the previous posts that you missed! The only thing I think I missed is life skills. So stay tuned in the near future for a "Life Skills" resource post. :)


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