Saturday, October 7, 2023

Math and Literacy Centers for Fall

Fall has set in and the leaves are starting to change! Have you ever done a Leaf Investigation with your students? It's super easy with this leaf investigation recording sheet and the kids really enjoy it. 

Here are some other activities to add during your leaf study. Leaf Smash is a fun one for working on writing numbers and ten frames to 20. 

Students will love feeding the leaf while practicing counting to 20. Add in some tweezers or tongs for some fine motor practice. 

This Counting Leaves activity packs a punch! Students get practice with fine motor, counting, writing, spelling, and ten frames All-n-One!

Work on addition with these fun fall Spinner Addition Mats! Includes 7 fun themes to choose from, including a leaf for your leaf study!
These Addition Mats are a fun way to work on writing and solving addition facts using a ten frame. 

More ten frame addition if you prefer task cards rather than mats and includes a recording sheet.

If you're a mini eraser hoarder like me lol, this is a Dollar Deal in my shop!

Work on number fluency with this fun Mystery Numbers Activity that puts a fun twist on missing numbers!

Getting started on word problems? These Word Problem Mats are a great way to introduce word problems and another excuse to use those mini erasers {insert wink, lol}!

Your students will have a blast helping the squirrel gather acorns with this one! Just add the squirrel to a magnetic wand and a small paperclip to the corner of each sight word to make them magnetic. Students pick up the sight words with the magnetic squirrel, read them, write them, and then discard them into the acorn. Huge crowd pleaser!

The magnetic squirrel sight word activity was such a crowd pleaser that I also made this one!

And Scarecrow numbers for number practice! 

Feed the Squirrel is another fun one students love for counting practice. These "feed the" activities are just so engaging and motivating for the students.

I'm not sure which they like best...the "feed the" activities or these playdoh smash games! But this Fall Smash is another highly engaging activity that's perfect for practicing beginning sounds and ALL of the picture cards are FALL Themed!

Have students trace their hand to make the tree trunk and tear construction paper to make the leaves. Grab the FREE writing prompt here.

If you're planning to read "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves," I have a StoryMat for that!

Do a Pumpkin Investigation with this fun investigation recording sheet! Students can also survey their classmates, label the parts of a pumpkin, make homemade pumpkin pie, and learn about the pumpkin life cycle with the other activities included.

Work on number order with Pumpkin Mixup!

Grab this fun Roll and Cover Activity here.

Your students will love "baking" up sight words with these fun Pumpkin Cookies!

Practice counting on from a given number with this fun Pumpkin Smash Game!

Who doesn't love a "snacktivity!?" Pull out some pumpkin seeds or make your own from your pumpkin investigation and do some math. Afterwards students can eat them. Grab this freebie here.

Also, be sure to check out my NEW Math and Literacy Puzzles line! I'm really excited about these and I'm adding new ones all the time! This is the CVC one, but there's also beginning sounds, letters, addition, and subtraction sets!

Lastly, don't forget next week is Fire Prevention Week! You can grab this reader here.

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