Friday, December 8, 2023

Engaging Christmas Activities Guaranteed to Engage Your Students!

As winter break inches closer, we all know how challenging it can be to keep our little ones engaged and focused!

But I have some super engaging resources that I can guarantee will definitely keep them engaged! And that I can PROMISE!! Also...I've added "Build a Tree" to my Task Mats Bundle shown above!! Go redownload to get this new addition!!

Santa LOVES cookies! Students practice sight words as they feed the cookies to Santa! The magnetic spatula make this resource more engaging than most! Just tape the Santa to a magnetic wand and place a small paperclip to the cards to make them magnetic.

Your students can also practice sight words by leaving Santa some cookies and milk with this fun one!

If you're working on matching upper and lowercase letters, these next few activities are sure to please and increase student engagement!

Feed Rudolph! Another fun one for matching upper and lowercase letters! Your students will be fully engaged while feeding carrots to Rudolph!

Your students will love helping the elf load the sleigh with this one while practicing letter matching!

Working on rhyming words?! Bring some holiday spirit to your classroom with this one!

Students love these puzzles so much, they ask to do them during recess!! Students match and paste pictures to reveal a fun picture! 

Working on counting syllables? Grab this freebie!

CVC Word Activities! Your students will love feeding hot cocoa to Mrs. Claus while practicing CVC words!

Get their minds focused with CVC and CVCe scrambled words!

Every one loves a fun Playdoh Smash Game and especially if you're working on medial middle sounds!

Santa Word Families!! Kids love anything that involves I right and they'll have fun building word families with these cute Santas!

Flip a Sentence is a huge crowd pleaser any time of year!!!

Brand new!!! Just posted today!! These are jam packed with engaging learning opportunities! Your students can practice beginning, medial, and final spell and write CVC words!

And if they're ready for you go! These fluency pyramids are your ticket!

And don't forget about MATH!! These Spin and Add Addition Mats are so fun, your students will ask to do them!

Baking up Numbers! 100% Guaranteed Engagement with this fun counting activity! I mean who doesn't love baking cookies! :)

Ten frame addition and subtraction! Who can resist these cute gnomes and it's a great way for your students to gain fluency with ten frames while learning to add and subtract!

More practice with ten frames, but without adding and subtracting!

Making a ten!! This activity also includes twenty frames too and students love a fun Smash Game!

Here comes Santa again!! Keep building that ten frame fluency with this engaging addition and subtraction activity!

Another ten frame addition activity if you're looking for a way to use those mini erasers you've been collecting.

If you're still working on basic counting skills, check out this one and my new "Roll and Count" Bundle below! 

These Roll and Count Activities are a big favorite and offer so many learning opportunities! Check out the seasonal bundle here and see a video to see them in action! 

Now you can relax!! You have a little prep ahead of you, but your students will be so highly engaged next week, they won't even be thinking about Christmas break....but I know you will be!

Happy Holidays!! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas break!! :)

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