Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Do you have a classroom website? Are you thinking about creating one? Then, you will love Class Jump! My school district offers a platform that allows us to create free class websites, but it's.....well I must say, cheesy. It's plain and not very user friendly. 

I knew what I wanted! I wanted to design a class website where I could add my class photos for parent viewing, post calendar events, include "one click" links to educational websites my students can access from home, links to parent resources, an email link, and a subscription link where parents could subscribe to receive notifications via email. 

After much shopping around, I found it!! Class Jump allows me to do all of these things. It's user-friendly, reader-friendly, and it's FREE! My favorite thing is that I can upload all of my class photos so parents can see what's happening in our classroom! Very few sites offer this! Parents can also right click and save the images of their children to their files for long lasting memories. 

Another great feature is that parents and students can access resources and links with one click. No copying or pasting web addresses. They just click on my links and they are directed straight to the site they have chosen. 

Here is a snippet of my homepage. 

 I chose blue, but you can choose from various background and font colors! You can also customize your sidebar, events, and layout! It's super easy to work through the site!! 

Here's a snippet of my links page........(with more to come)

.............And a snippet of my class photo album.

The pictures will normally display upright. This is my fault that I forgot to rotate them before uploading them! 

If you're looking to create a class website, you'll want to check it out!

You can visit my class website at:

A class website is a just another great way to communicate and keep parents up-to-date and involved in what is happening at school! I'm super excited about my new site with Class Jump and feel confident that you will like it too!!! :)

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