Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friendship Wreaths & Easy Solar System Model

I have been super busy! Too busy to even use what arrived in the mail a couple of days ago!!!

That's right! I finally got her.....isn't she a beauty? My Silhouette Cameo! It's been on my wishlist forever and since I've entered 3 giveaways for this baby and lost them all, I figured it was time to start saving up to buy it.

I got a stinkin' deal! If you're looking to buy one, check this deal out! The cameo retails for $299.00. I paid $279.00 with free shipping from and it came with all of this!!!

A silhouette cover, a pack of adhesive sheets, 6 jars of glitter, and $35 in gift cards to spend at the Silhouette store. After doing a bit of research, this was the best deal anywhere!

If you haven't heard of this machine, here's a video to show you just how amazing it is!

I can't wait to get started creating!
JoAnn's Fabrics & Crafts donated all of their summer clearance items to our school a couple weeks ago! There were boxes and boxes of stuff. Our principal let us go through it and take whatever we wanted! It was like Christmas time! One box was full of wreaths and our counselor came up with the idea to have each class decorate a wreath in the theme of "Friendship" and "Citizenship" to make a bulletin board display in our multi-purpose room. 

Here is our wreath!

The adorable graphics we used are from Krista at "Creative Clips." I love the way it turned out! Once the display is complete, I'll try to post a photo!

This week my student teacher had to assume a 1/4 of the teaching responsibilities in my classroom. So this week, she was responsible for the Science and Daily Life Skills lessons.

She did a fabulous job! For Science, she did a week on the Solar System. At first, I thought this may be over the heads of my special needs kiddos, but it was actually a huge success and they enjoyed learning about the solar system. They ended the week with making a model of the solar system.

Solar System Craft Kit
I didn't get a pic of the finished product, but here is what it looks like!

It was super easy for all of my students. Any age could make this and it is a great visual for the students!

Here's the kit we used that my student teacher purchased at JoAnn's for $14.99. Click the link to see. 

Next week she will also take on teaching the writing lessons. While having a student teacher has been more time consuming than I expected, it has made my lesson planning less time consuming! 
I can't wait to see what she has in store for next week!

 photo 262537ca-e39d-4585-9d7c-a9633c31f18e_zps73236c33.jpg

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