Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Field Trip & An Ant Study

It has been a busy day! We went on our field trip today! We went to In & Out Burger, the Courthouse, and then the Police Station. We had such a blast and the kids were so well behaved! I was so proud of them! We practiced yesterday how to act and even used a play cash register to practice ordering and paying for our food! I didn't even care that there was a mile long line behind us today.....and neither did the awesome In & Out Associates. We let each student go up individually, order, pay, and get their own number. It was great practice for the kids and always surprising to find how many students have never ordered for themselves because their parents always do it for them! 

And we're off!
Thanks Silver Rider for transporting us around for free of charge!

In & Out Burger gave all the kids hats and stickers!

The kids all got to sit on the Judge's throne and stamp the gavel, while saying, "Order in the court."

The students inside a jail cell!
The kids covering their noses shows you just how stinky it was in there! They definitely don't want to go there again.

One of my students getting shackled!

The students all got bags of goodies from the officers!

All the students got to sit in the police car and press the sirens and lights!
BIG FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're also about to have some ant fun! Our ants should be arriving any day and my Ant Unit is ready for them! I know scary thought, right?! Ants in the classroom.......yikes!!! Many of my students are with me for 6 years (K-5), so I have to change it up each year. We've done ladybugs and butterflies a couple times, so I decided to change it up this year with an anthill from Insect Lore. All of their other live insect kits have worked perfectly, with no mishaps, so I hope the same will be true with this one! 

You can purchase your own anthill {here}

Here's a preview of my Ant Unit!

It is currently discounted in my TpT store! You can check it out {here}

Also, be sure to stop back tomorrow! I'll be doing a review for the children's book app "Farfaria" and will be giving away a free 3 month subscription to TWO lucky winners!!

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