Wednesday, August 13, 2014


***UPDATE: Submissions have closed.***
Thank you for the amazing response.

There are so many BTS giveaways and blog hops going on right now that I wanted to do something special just for "SPECIAL EDUCATORS!" Sped teachers tend to receive the least support so I thought it would be fun to team up with some special education bloggers and throw a little party for them too!!!!

Are you interested? Could you contribute a sped related resource.....for a giveaway or a freebie hop?

What I'd like to do is hold a product giveaway and do a freebie blog hop! The giveaway would be with rafflecopter so you could all display it on your blogs as well for extra exposure. It's also a great opportunity to gain more followers and likes on your blog, page, or store.

The freebie hop is optional, and would require you to plan a blog post on a specific date that includes a freebie and links to the next blog (all of this information will be provided by me). Visitors will get to click from blog to blog and grab a freebie at each blog!!!

Sounds exciting, right!???? Now I've yet to create buttons for this event because I want to see if I get a sufficient amount of responses to pull this off first! If I can get at least 10, I think it will be a go!!!

I know many have already started school, but many are not starting until the end of this month or even after Labor Day, so we still have some time. Plus, I know many Special Educators tend to come up with wishlists after school begins and they have gotten to know their students. 

Still, I am setting a deadline for submissions at one week from today! 

Spread the word to other sped bloggers you know! I tried to email everyone linked above and in my blogroll, but there were about 7 blogs with no email or contact link....side note....
(Get an email on your blog! It's how people contact you to do reviews! Very Important!)

I appreciate you being a part of this event and thank you for helping to build a collaborative SPED community! 

To participate with me, simply click on the button below on the left to fill out the short form! 

Thanks again.... So excited....I'll be in touch!!!

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  1. Love the idea! Let me know the details.
    Fun in ECSE

  2. I'm in! Can't wait! Thanks for putting this together!

  3. SO excited! Thanks for including me in the fun :)

    Mindful Rambles

  4. I'm excited for this! Thanks for including me!


  5. Sounds like a great opportunity! Filling out the form.
    Thank you for contacting me via my blog!
    Burke's Special Kids

  6. Love the idea and I am realizing quickly that we do receive the least support. :-/

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  7. I sent my form in! I'm very excited about this! Thanks for inviting me to be part of this!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room


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