Sunday, August 31, 2014

Remedia & TPT Giveaway Celebration!

Made it through my first full week back with students and boy is this one tired teacher! So thankful for this 3-day weekend! I have all of the same ten students I had last year minus the 3 that moved on to middle school. So getting them back into the procedures was fairly simple as they are pretty much the same as last year. The first week is always so overwhelming though with all the paperwork and things that are due to the office. Required videos, banking sheet, staff handbook signature page, testing handbook signature page, parent letter approval, substitute emergency binder, complete TOR's, and the list goes on!!!!

Well hopefully you had chance to enter the huge Special educator giveaway! It was a huge success and we were very happy to start some special education teachers out this year with some fabulous resources. The winners have been notified via email and were:

Early Childhood Giveaway - Katrina Stebbins
Primary Giveaway - Christy Smith
Intermediate Giveaway - Kate Drinkwitz
eBook winners - Mandi Jones and Kate Fochs
CIBS II - Jen D.


And now for some more celebrations and another giveaway!!!! I'm sure you've noticed.... but I FINALLY got my new blog design!! That blog design I've been talking about forever....and I am in love with it! Christi Fultz did a fabulous job. I told her what I wanted and it couldn't be more perfect!

I'm also celebrating reaching over 500 followers on TpT, over 300 on my blog, and my blogoversary is in 27 days!! Oh, and my birthday is next week!! So much to celebrate and what better way to do it than a giveaway, right?

Lucky for you Remedia Publications donated this item for the special educator giveaway, but it didn't arrive in time so you have a chance to win it now!

I love Remedia Publications! Their resources are perfect for special education classrooms as well as for differentiating learning in regular classrooms! This binder set includes 60 high-interest short reading passages that focus on the five WH questions and each passage also includes a cloze reading activity. This binder set is valued at $59.99! You can check it out {here}

I'm also giving away $50 to spend in my store!!! That's winner can pick out $50 worth of items from my store!!

Enter both giveaways below! Good luck!


  1. I have this product and loved using it with my higher level students!!!

    Your blog design is ADORABLE!


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