Monday, December 22, 2014

Best 14 in 2014!

Linking up to share 14 things from 2014! 


I know this isn't a movie from 2014, but it is one of my faves!!! And I watched it several times in 2014. I don't really watch that much t.v.

It's actually the only series I do watch!

I don't do sushi, but I love this steakhouse!!! It's a little pricy, so don't go as often as I'd like!

Fried Pickles!!! I've been trying them everywhere, as there a little different everywhere you go. I don't care for the ones at Buffalo Wild Wings, but great at Perkins and Chilis....and yesterday we had them in Vegas at Toby Keith's Restaurant and they were WHOLE, not sliced! They were the best yet!

My clock is definitely probably my most favorite gift ever!! I love it and got it for Christmas from hubby and the kids about 3 Christmas' ago.

How to make homemade Vanilla Extract at + free printable label

I am a pinaholic, but I just couldn't wait to make this pin for Christmas gifts this year.....homemade vanilla extract. Bad news didn't happen, because when I pulled up the recipe I saw that it is a 2-month process and I only had a month. Therefore, it is going on next year's gift list! 

{Here} is the link to the pin.
And {here} you can even get the labels.

But don't forget to give yourself at least two months!

My favorite blogpost would have to be this one, because it received the most views of any other post to date and got 72 comments!! It was my blogoversary post, loaded with giveaways and freebies and I can remember the excitement and thrill of the comments and entries as they poured in!

My favorite accomplishment this year was finishing up this baby!!! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into it, but it was well worth! My students name Science as their favorite subject and it's been able to bring science to life in many other classrooms as well! :) If you're curious now, you can check it out {here}.

This is my favorite photo and my favorite memory of 2014! I got to spend Thanksgiving with all of the boys in my son, brother, husband (taking the pic as you can see in the mirror lol), and my 3 nephews! This was the first Thanksgiving ever with any of my nephews and to have them all 3 present was such a treasure!!!!
As I've said before and even as an organized person, I'm not good with organizing my time. I need to learn to stop overthinking things, stop over planning, and learn to balance school, home, and family better!


WoW! That was fun! I hope you enjoyed reading about my year! Now if you're not already on Hadar's page, you can get there by going {here} to link up your 14 in 2014!!

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