Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Year's Resolutions Linky

It's never to early to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions, so I'm linking up with Stephanie at Mrs. D's Corner to share mine!
Personal: I recently have had an unexplained rapid weight gain. I mean nothing had changed in my diet and in fact, if anything I was eating less because of the weight gain. Well two weeks ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. One of the common symptoms is "rapid weight gain." So while I'm happy to find out what was wrong and be able to hopefully moderate it now with I have to get this weight I gained back off and what bad timing with the holidays. :( So this will be a major resolution for me for the new year!!

Professional: I was so excited to recently hear that the TpT conference is going to be held in Vegas again this year!! I was so disappointed in myself for not attending last year, considering I only live 100 miles from Vegas. There really was no excuse other than I chickened out and I hated myself later for it! Next year I am going to do it!

Planning: I spend entirely too much time planning. Planning can be quite extensive in my classroom since I teach students in grades 1-5, all with varying special needs. But regardless, I live, eat, and breathe planning!!!! And it has really got to stop! I know that part of it is me, because I tend to overthink everything! And in turn, I neglect me, my family, my house, and other things that I love doing. 

Organization: I am truly an extremely organized person. To the extent that people crack jokes about my extreme organization. When I was looking for my BF's Christmas card in my stack the other day, she even said, "What? You mean you don't have them alphabetized?" Get the hint! Now that's some serious organization!! But I can't seem to get a method down for managing student assessments. My students are all assessed so differently and on different concepts. I'm planning to work on this system during the break. I also want to make up individualized tubs for each student. Not sure exactly how I want it to look just yet, but basically I want each student to have a bin or tub that contains individualized skilled activities just for them that they can work on independently or when they have completed their other assignments. 

Students: Let's face it....we all get a little laxed the last couple of weeks before break....even me! I've always been very strict about raising your hand to speak without blurting out, and waiting to be called on. Well this rule seemed to not exist in my classroom this last week! Kids were blurting out like crazy, getting out of their seat and walking up to me, or raising their hand yet still blurting before called get the picture! Well, I plan to nip this in the butt immediately upon our return. 

And my new Motto is going to be:

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  1. Hi Traci!
    I love that motto! I tell that to my students in second grade!!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  2. Oh my gosh! I think we have so many of the same goals! It must be a special education teacher thing! Enjoyed your post. Hope your Christmas break is joyous and relaxing!
    Burke's Special Kids


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