Friday, July 31, 2015

Need Behavioral Support? Behavior Buzz with The Bender Bunch

Are you frustrated with behaviors? Are you at your wits end? Do you need some suggestions or advice? Is what you're doing not working? 

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I have some exciting news! I am super duper excited to announce the launch of "Behavior Buzz with The Bender Bunch" today!!! 

If you're facing challenging behaviors with a student or in your classroom, just click on this button in my sidebar. You will be taken to a google form to complete and submit. Each month I'll feature a submission...or two...depending on the response I receive...on my blog with specific suggestions and recommendations for positive behavioral supports to try with your student/class based on the information you provide me with. 

I am the only one that will see your responses and will only use your first name in my blogpost, or you can choose to remain anonymous! Come back and use the form any time, as much as you need for behavioral support and refer your friends!!!

Are you as excited as I am?
Hope to Behavior Buzz with you soon!!:)

The Bender Bunch,

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